1.Dress and jumpsuit by Datura with Milena Caramel loafer and Gia Green shoes.

2. Leather Milena loafer in caramel color.

3. Gia Green and Milena Caramel with Datura pieces.

4. About Arianne first handbags in white and garden green. Wool coats by Datura.

5, 6, 7. Manila Caramel and Milos Wine booties with wool coats by Datura and About Arianne handbags.

8, 9. Milena leather loafers in Caramel with personal clothes.

10, 11. Stevie shoelaces leather booties in walnut color with personal clothes and Datura wool coat.

Photography: Ana Kras

Models: Zaga Grau and Andrea Lausevic

Location: East Village (Manhattan), New York

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