nane fesit on kaarem pieces and about arianne sandalsnane fesit wearing about arianne bag in white colorabout arianne saul sandals in red and hand bag in nubuck greenabout arianne rita sandals in bluenane feist in kaarem look with about arianne sandalsabout arianne roma sandals in blue and backpack in nubuck green

1. Kaarem two pieces outfit in pale yellow and Cëlia sandals in black nubuck.

2. About Arianne’s handbag in white – available soon online – and linen white off dress by Kaarem.

4. Saul flat sandals in red with Kaarem top and shorts in silk.

5. About Arianne’s handbag in green nubuck.

6. Rita sandals in blue/black leather with Kaarem’s linen dress.

8. Top and trousers by Kaarem with Roma sandals in mango.

9. Roma sandals in blue with Kaarem linen dress.

10. About Arianne’s green nubuck backpack – soon available online.

Photography: Camila Falquez

Model: Nane Feist

Location: Bushwick (Brooklyn), New York

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